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Sam’s Yoga Letter talks about learning to practise and teach yoga. I teach 26+2 (otherwise known as Bikram), Vinyasa (the Sumits sequence) and hot Pilates (specifically, the Inferno version). Each week I’ll discuss something I’ve learned on (or maybe off) the mat, either as a student or a teacher. I’ll suggest things I’ve been reading or listening to that have been interesting to me. I’ll mention the occasional selected studio, retreat or training that sounds good to me or that I’ve visited, usually in Bali, but maybe further afield into Southeast Asia. I’ve an interest in bodywork and how it can be used to deepen a practice as well as to process trauma. My knowledge of classic texts is alarmingly thin, but I’ll drag you along with me as I start to absorb some of those, too. I came to a regular practice aged 39 and started teaching aged 45. It’s truly never too late to hit the mat or to share what you know with the people who connect to you.

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